Are you there margaritas? It's me, Lady Gaga.

I'm Alex

I like kittens, high-5's, polka dots, zombie movies and FSU Football.


Feminist: the person who believes in the social, political, and economic equality of the sexes

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01. What’s your name? Alex

02. When’s your birthday? February 29

03. Where are you from? Central Florida

04. Do you have a crush? Excluding the gorgeous, bad idea, caterer - nope.

05. What’s your favorite color? Pink. Yup.

06. Write something in all caps? BE NICE TO PEOPLE. SMASH THE PATRIARCHY. 

07. Have you got a favorite band/artist? I’m partial to Fall Out Boy but I love me some T. Sweezy

08. Favorite number? 10

09. Favorite drink? Diet Coke

10. Tag 10 people: addleheadedfemale, imetyouontwitteronce, helenlindsay, dontcallmetoots, oldmanmonkeysquirrelouchcarleighjrdnrbrt, swedechildofmine, queenbroslob, and nebetya


—Shake Loose (Taylor Swift vs. Kenny Loggins)

Chamabaland - “Shake Loose” (Taylor Swift vs. Kenny Loggins)

This is everything I’ve ever wanted. 

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